Hourly Drop In / Weekly Care

Hourly Drop In Care


Child care when you need it.

 KTO Drop in care is exactly like it sounds. Parents can drop off children, ages 2-10 years, at KTO for up to 12 hours per day. KTO is a licensed child care facility with trained, caring teachers. You can drop off your children knowing they are safe and will have fun. Children in the drop-in program are welcome at all times and will engage in the activities that are already established at the time of drop off including, but not limited to, free play, games, crafts, outside time and organized activities.

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Weekly Care

 KTO offers full time and part time weekly care for all registered children with no contract or long term obligation. 

Our flexible weekly care can be use regularly to help your 2-5 year old get age appropriate socialization, practice routines, and engage in learning activities, or you may want to look into our Early Learning Program.

KTO's weekly care can also be used when your regular provider is on vacation, when your school age child is out of school, or any time you need a week of care throughout the year.

 Full and Part time weekly care are non-contractual programs so you can use them at your convenience just like the hourly drop in care. While you can usually drop in, reservations are recommended if care is essential.

Reservations are required when HCPSS are closed and are recommended at other times throughout the year. 

General Schedule of activities

6:30am Free play

8am Table activities

9am Organized activities (transition to ELP)

9:30 Group time 

10am snack followed by outside play

11am organized activities (crafts, games, etc)

12:15pm Lunch, followed by story time and book time

1pm-3pm quiet time (all children 5 and under are required to rest. After about 30 minutes, children who do not fall asleep will do quiet activities)

3pm snack followed by outside time and/or indoor large motor

4:30pm Organized activities

6pm dinner (7pm Fridays and Saturdays) followed by teacher choice of activities

7:30 pm organized activities or Movie (8:30pm Fridays and Saturdays)

This is a general schedule that is subject to change based on the children in attendance and other circumstances such as weather.

Hourly Drop In Pricing



Non-Registered rate: $12.00/hour/child


$50 Annual Registration Fee per child

1st child: $9.00/hr.

2nd child: $8.00/hr.

Each Additional Child: $7.00/hr

Diaper fee: an additional fee of $.50/hr is charged for any child in a diaper/pull-up

Ways to save (must be registered) :

25 Hour Block- $200 (saves $1.00/hr.)

50 Hour Block- $350 (saves $2.00/hr.)

Blocks can be used per family and don't expire

Meals: $3.50, lunch is served at 12:15

dinner is served 6:00p.m. M-Th and

 7p.m. Fri & Sat

Weekly Care Pricing

 Weekly RatesFull Time $285.00 per week

Part Time $185.00 per week

Chose any 3 Days (M-F) that you need!

must be registered

The weekly rate includes care from 6:30am to 7pm Monday through Friday and secures your spot for the weeks/days reserved! 

New Customer Special


1st Hour is FREE!

Kids Time Out gives every new customer the first hour of the first visit free, no coupon necessary.  Take some time on us to do a little shopping, maybe get a cup of coffee and take a quiet moment for yourself.  Come in and see why we've been voted Howard County's Best Daycare!